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Exterior Repairs and Maintenance for RV’s

RV Roof Repair

Home away from home! That’s the promise of an RV. What is a home, if it’s not a roof over our heads? Routine maintenance is the essential to insuring the longevity of your roof. Unless it’s stored inside, most RV manufacturers recommend inspecting the roof of your RV at least once a year. RV roof inspections are typically a matter of removing any debris or build up that can collect from tree limbs and the elements. UV damage can cause cracks and gaps in the seals and structure of the roof that can then lead to water damage and dry rot. Inspections are essential to maintaining the integrity of your RV.

In the event of damage to your RV our experienced professionals at Fort McMurray RV can repair anything from the smallest crack to essentially resurfacing, or even replacing, the entire roof if necessary. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Whether your RV roof is made of fiberglass, aluminum, or rubber, we can handle any repair. Contact FM RV today for a roof inspection so we can address any needs before major repairs may be necessary.


RV Awning Installation & Upgrades

Awnings are an essential part of every RV. Extending your awning is like planting a flag for the night or week or however long you wish to enjoy your new locale. Sitting under the shade of your RV awning is a statement that you have arrived and earned the right to put your feet up. Having an awning is like adding an extra room to your RV. More often than not, your RV awning is your primary source of shelter as you enjoy the wide open spaces and beautiful view from the comfort of your lawn chair with the barbeque cooking beside you. A broken or ineffective RV awning can certainly put a damper (no pun intended) on your great escape.

Whether manual or automatic, Fort McMurray RV can address any of your awning needs. Whether a simple repair, a full awning replacement, or a state of the art upgrade, our RV service technicians have the awning solution you seek.

Routine Yearly RV Seal Inspections

Prevention is always the best solution. It’s much more affordable to repair a broken seal, or replace a window gasket, than it is to replace a water damaged floor, a rusted out side panel, or spend endless hours replacing ceiling panels. Contact us today to schedule your RV for its annual seal inspection.

RV Slide outs and Seal Maintenance

The introduction of slide outs revolutionized the RV industry with increased livability and floor plan designs, but that extra space means little when you’re still exposed to the elements. Yearly inspection, maintenance and timely repair are essential to maintaining the comfort and functionality of your home on wheels. At FM RV we inspect all seals and hardware to make sure your RV slide outs are working properly and bringing you the comfort you deserve.


RV Exterior and Bodywork

Has your RV been in a recent collision? Is there damage to your RV’s exterior? Do you have a small ding, dent, or scratch on your RV? Do you have an exterior panel that needs to be replaced or repaired?

Whether fiberglass or sheet metal, we offer full collision repair for any surface or medium on your RV exterior.

Our RV parts specialists and technicians can match any paint color and exterior finish or provide custom services.

RV Bodywork & Collision Repair

  • fiberglass repair
  • sheet metal repair
  • RV panel repair or replacement
  • RV exterior component replacement or repair
  • RV trim & chrome replacement or repair
  • custom RV bodywork
  • delamination repair
  • fabrication