Restoration & Cleaning

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Delivering on quality and quick service will be key for our community. We have a strong leadership team in place to move toward restoration of these automobiles with experienced local janitorial and auto detailing staff standing by.

RV Service

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Our facility is conveniently located downtown with 14’ high bay doors to service all RV and auto needs. Our team consists of certified RV Journeyman technicians that have an extended knowledge and skill set of this industry. We specialize in all RV claims from appliances, gas, electric, plumbing, roof and everything in between.

Mobile Services

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Our team is also mobile for any permanent RV’s that customers are unable to deliver. This fee will be waived with the care packages to give our customers the best experience possible during this difficult time. Contact us today for a free estimate on servicing your recreational vehicles or utility trailers.

Welcome Home Fort McMurray - Auto/RV Care Packages!

We are the local RV Parts and Service company that love where we live. We are very passionate about our community and the residents that encompass it. We offer our services in a comfortable and caring environment to welcome the residents of Fort McMurray home so they can resume a normal life. Our local staff take care of maintaining your RV's and utility trailers in Fort McMurray, Fort McKay, Gregoire Lake, Anzac and surrounding areas.